Executive Chef Claudio Cavalleri

Chef Claudio believes that eating is a way to bring people together and, through his offerings, he expresses the desire that we all have: to share our happy moments with others. His creations are a modern, innovative interpretation of traditional Mediterranean recipes so full of history, culture and feelings. Hence, his choice is to create dishes where “tradition marries innovation.”

Born in Como, Italy, Chef Claudio Cavalleri began his culinary journey at a young age, working at his aunt’s restaurant on Lake Como. He has since studied and worked around the world, from the School of Art in Sorrento, Italy, to Michelin Star Chef Fabio Baldassarre’s restaurants in Rome and Greece, in Ibiza at Cipriani, as well as, at celebrated Chef Terrance Brennan’s multiple restaurants in New York City.

Chef Claudio’s early appreciation for Italian cuisine, coupled with his vast international experience and love of Levantine spices and ingredients, establishes the roots for a bigger and more complex culinary menu. Because of this, Chef Claudio embraces a traditional yet innovative style.